Weekly One Shot 223 Heroes Stay Home

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Weekly One Shot 223 Heroes Stay Home

Another public service gaming setup.

Apostate vs Freedom Five Legacy, Tachyon, GI Bunker, Freedom Six Wraith and Termi-Nation Absolute Zero in the Freedom Tower.

Good luck, heroes, and #StayHomeStaySafe

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Super easy. I had a good time watching the team come together to pull this off. Clutch plays were Bunker making damage to Relics irreducible and Absolute Zero, of course, finishing things off with a 14-point Frost Bound Drain. :) This was fun!

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Yep, super easy, won on AZ's turn with a huge Thermal Shockwave. Only relic I saw outside of Condemnation was the Runes.

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Mint: Easy

The best part of this mission was taping on thermal shockwave and seeing AZ had dealt 54 cold damge this turn before even using a power.  

I imagine using Thermal Shockwave and after AZ deals himself so much fire damage and it burns the entire Freedom tower to ash.

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Pretty darn easy.  It was all over in under 4 (ish?) rounds.
Legacy gave lots of extra card plays to Absolute Zero, and thus from round 2 on, Absolute Zero was doing a minimum of 11 points of damage to Apostate.  It’s hard for anyone to stand up to that kind of damage.  I think AZ put about 2/3rds of the damage on Apostate all by himself.  And I think Absolute Zero knocked Apostate down to -7 on his last turn with a great “Frost Bound Drain”/“Coolant Blast” combo.  It was also fun to see AZ’s “Cold Snap” destroy the “Runes of Malediction” which brought back the stupid little Imp onto the field, which was then instantly killed by the same “Cold Snap”.  Good times.
GI Bunker makes destroying the relics no problem.
Tachyon and Wraith did some assists and some damage, but it really was Absolute Zero’s show.

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Looks like most of Apostate's helpers and relics decided to stay home, too...

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Cool thing about this setup: Each of the Freedom Give comes from a different variant "set."