Weekly One Shot 215 Knives Out

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Weekly One Shot 215 Knives Out

Challenge-level Baron Blade is in Mordengrad trying to destroy the world ("Again?" chorus the heroes).  Can Luminary, Young Legacy, The Scholar of the Infinite and Golem-Spawn Unity stop him in time?  (Yes, yes they can).

Baron Blade is always a villain you just punch as fast as possible as often as possible, doubly so when playing at Challenge level (his discard pile does *not* reset and continues the countdown).

I got a mint with the heroes at 27/19/26/9.  The heroes recklessly took damage to attack Baron Blade (Unity most of all).  I managed to do a few unexpected things to get Luminary to discard cards so he could power up his "Orbital Death-Laser" ("why do you even HAVE that?", asks Young Legacy.  "Don't worry about it", answers Luminary, "And aren't you glad I did?").  Once the "Orbital Death-Laser" goes off in round 4 the rest was just mopping up.


This is my first time leading off a weekly one-shot discussion.  I feel honored.  Is there a "no prize" for this?

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You get no prize from me! :D Thanks tho.

This was fun and decently easy, though Challenge Blade (especially in Mordengrad!) is always a heart-pounder. I was a little sad when I lost my laser cannon, but I had drawn the Explosive Reconstructor the turn previous, so it ended up not mattering. I think Blade had a whole 8 cards in his trash by the end.

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Sometimes Baron Blade can pose a challenge.  This was not one of those times.  Pound him down.