Weekly One Shot 214 Year of the Rat

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Weekly One Shot 214 Year of the Rat

Ultimate Plague Rat (so pain with a side order of b9nus damage and start of turn attacks) in Fort Adamant vs Black Spot La Comodora, Stuntman, K.N.Y.F.E and Omnitron-U.

Good owwwww luck, heroes.

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Ended with only La Comodora standing, but it was still a fun, if quick and extremely brutal, fight. Could have probably ended it sooner if I'd saved Flintlock and Cutlass for when she got Infected.

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That certainly looks to be a damage race game. I don't have the digital version, but the decks on the hero side at least excel at burst damage.

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Mint at 10/8/8/1, won on the start of Plague Rat's third turn.

La Comodora's first turn provided most of the ammunition I needed to win the game, but if I detailed the turn, it would rather give things away? So maybe I'll wait a few days and let people try it on their own first.

It took me longer to stare at the opening board state and decide who got the first infection than anything else. I reluctantly gave it to La Comodora, with Stuntman and KNYFE getting the second and third. Omnitron wouldn't have survived it anyway.

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That was a painful game. Won on the 3rd round with Stuntman & Omnitron incapped and La Comodora & KNYFE at 1 HP apiece. 

Glad to have this one out of the way

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Well, I did not discover the secret to La Comodora's first turn...

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Third attempt Fine, 7/5/5/0. Comodora just discarded from Fort Adamant's deck the last attempt, that seemed to make the difference; didn't see Aggressive Volunteering or Codename: Char. Having Omni-U incapped actually helps a lot, Comodora can feed him equipment for 8 damage, if she's infected, and Plague Locus is still around.

Dying to know how to win in 2 hero turns+.

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Got a near mint with Stuntman at 2 HP, everyone else incapped.

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Well, that was brutal, fast and brutal.

Did I mention brutal?

Normally against Plague Rat I go after “Plague Locus” first, but given the way “Infection” cards were coming out I figured I needed to just concentrate on hitting Plague Rat as fast, often and hard as possible.  And with all the Infected, “Plague Locus” was boosting the Infected’s damage as well as Plague Rat’s. So it was a race to the bottom.


  The rest of this paragraph contains a SPOILER.  Don't read if you want to figure this fight out yourself. A key move for me was with La Comodora on the first turn using her innate power to discard the top card of the environment deck.  That got rid of a bad card ("Aggressiv Volunteering" I think) and put “Training Facility” on top of the environment deck, where it came out the first round, giving the heroes another chance to use their innate power.  And given the damage-race that this was, that extra power use (with 3 characters who do damage with their innate power) was key.


  Whole game was over on KNYFE’s turn in round 3.  Good thing too, because I don’t think the heroes would have survived a round 4.


  No time to long-term setup in this game, so didn’t think La Comodora would be that useful.  But she turned out to be a big bruiser in this game, and made good use of cards I don’t usually think much of (“Flintlock and Cutlass” and “Combat Training”).  She was the first infected, so all her damage doing +2 made her a powerful foe.


  KNYFE got Infected next (*really* tried to decide between her and Stuntman, with his “No Time To Bleed” card out).  She also was a brawler once she got infected.


  Stuntman got infected the last turn, and did Stuntman-y types of things.


  Omnitron-U was wondering what he was doing in this fight.  He got smacked down to about half his hit points on Plague Rat’s first turn, so that was not a good start.  He did get a few small hits in, and those were important.  But he was seconds from exploding from all the damage he took, and quickly left the battlefield looking for a repair shop.


  The environment played two cards in the entire game, one of which was critical for the heroes winning the game, and the other a no-op.


  I *MIGHT* try this again, trying a different order of infections, or to try to make Omnitron-U relevant to this fight.  Or I just might move on.


  Mint with heroes at 4/6/1/1.


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Yeah, two of you have hit on one of the two major points that sped me to my victory: using LC's power turn one on the environment. Training Facility is bananas in this matchup - you won't have time to play all your cards anyway, and the extra power uses from La Comodora, Stuntman (off-turn!), and KNYFE are all very helpful.

The other is ... unconventional and risky. And it wasn't what I intended to happen (even after thousands of games, I am still learning things about the mechanics!) But it helped.

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I did manage to earn a Mint, with only La Commodora still alive, sitting at 2 HP and Infected, on Omnitron-U's incap turn.

I'm saying it literally could not have been a closer game. 

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The risky/unconventional move I mentioned was playing Harnessed Anomaly turn 1. Plague Rat is the only valid target (oops), but it gets another Infection out, which was actually helpful in this case. 

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Interesting approach.  I tried it, but ended up in worse shape, but it was worth a shot!