Weekly One Shot 213 The Big Score

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Weekly One Shot 213 The Big Score

Ermine, Fright Train, La Capitan and a Biomancer clone attempt to rob Champion Studios. In their way are Freedom Six Absolute Zero, Dark Watch Mr Fixer, Extremist Sky-Scraper and Prime Wardens Argent Adept.


Good luck heroes.


EDIT and watch out for the particularly painful environment turn that chains Stitch in Time into Stitch in Time into Throwback. If you keep Constant Prttle around that will mitigate that the cost of all those discards

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The environment chain turn honestly wasn't that bad. I weathered it just fine and came out the other end battered but victorious.

It's easy to get Mr. Fixer set up and feed him Links so he can Jack Handle everything constantly. That's... pretty much all you need to do, I think. I wasn't expecting to have such an easy time with this one, but it was fun! :D

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Mint with everyone low but fine. Kill order was Ermine, Fright Train, Biomancer, La Capitan.

Got Mr. Fixer set up with a Jack Handle, Harmony, and Grease Monkey Fist and just went to town. Chiquito would not survive each round as I would target La Capitan first to get rid of any discards. Everone else was quickly dropping and then once Riviting Crane came out, I could focus Biomancer down fast. Beyond that, the environment chain mentioned above wasnt terrible. I set Love Interest to include Mr. Fixer so if he ever dealt himself damage, he would instead whack all the villains in a jealous rage XD . Otherwise, AZ did some damage, Sky-Sky did some tanking and supplied links, and AA... was just kind of there? Most of his stuff was blown up before I could really use it.


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Mint at 8/15/12/9. Fixer got set up early with Jack Handle + Riveting Crane + Harmony, and went to town. Got a lot of mileage out of self damage from Jump Scare, Fright Train's incap, and Compulsion Canister. Never did see Love Interest, but I melted Ermine down first.

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Finished in under 3 rounds.  Starting out I had so many wonderful plans that the villains then destroyed (*so* much ongoing card destruction in this match).  Luckily however, the heroes got some lucky card plays that really turned the game around.

This was Mr. Fixer's game; the other heroes were just there to assist him.  He got to fire off his "Jack Handle" attack 8 times in 2 rounds to devastating effects.

After getting my "mint" status, I tried to recreate the match, keeping track of how much damage each hero landed.

Argent Adept: 0

Absolute Zero: 8

Sky-Scraper: 7

Mr. Fixer: 127

(This includes damage to villains, minions and environment targets, but not counting "overkill" damage).

This has got to be some kind of record for damage-dealing, both in absolute terms and damage/target/round.


Edited to add:  OHHHHH!  This weekly one-shot's title is "The Big Score"!  I get it now.  ;-)  Humor: it is a difficult concept.

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LOL! Yeah that sounds about right Mad Dog.


Mint with heros at 8/8/5/3

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