Weekly One Shot 199 Building a King

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Weekly One Shot 199 Building a King

Vengeance throwdown. Termin-Nation Unity, Prime Wardens Haka, Rogue Agent K.N.Y.F.E. and Supply and Demand Benchmark, vs Friction, Biomancer, La Capitan and Proletariat in the Final Wasteland (de de de do de de do do do).


EDIT: Bit rough. Unity and K.N.Y.F.E. fell to the wasteland, but it did eat up Biomancer (Snowmen are fun when your DR only protects from one attack), Friction and La Capitan. Haka and Benchmark both very low on hp but 3*power usage on the last round got Proletariat down low enough to get missiled. 

Haka also solved the chiquito problem with ravage and savage mana rather than the environment.

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Not easy, but also far from awful. I got to remove Proletariat from the game. :D

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Mint with everyone mid teens.


Biggest issue I found in this game was AoE and minion management. Once I got a few bots out though, I drew a couple Powered Shockwaves and those helped clear out the board. I also let the environment have free reign, which worked out pretty well as they tend to target low hp targets. This had the added benefit of letting Chicito get eaten by Unforgiving Wasteland, like he should have originally :P


Once that happened, Benchmark could start discarding cards for Auto Cannon and Missile Pods, and the villains started dropping. Order was La Capitan, Friction, Biomancer, then Proletariat. Biomancer went down pretty easily with help from Benchmarks Tactical Communicator



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Mint with everyone alive for me. Most of Unity's bots got wastelanded out of existence, but once I got rolling I was able to start directing wasteland monsters at the bad guys. Very effectively. 

Very effectively indeed.


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Daaaamn. :D Getting Biomancer erased could not have been easy!

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The first time I played this one-shot, I won with Friction lost in the "Unforgiving Wasteland".  After seeing Frivyeti's post, I wondered if I could win with all four villains lost in the "Unforgiving Wasteland".

Yes, yes I could.

Thanks to Frivyeti for the idea.

Just realized, in the second game where I played to get all villains taken out by the environment, that the heroes actually ended the game healthier than in the first play-through where I was just trying to win.  Funny old world, eh?

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I also got all 4 villains to vanish forever.  Benchmark’s “Tactical Communicator” (next damage to selected target is irreducible and increased by 2) gives the environment the help it needs to finish Bugbear.

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The turns weren't optimized but it was fun to have the Villains removed by the Wasteland.


For those going the extra mile I found Friction and Biomancer to be the most disruptive, as they are potent sources of Ongoing destruction, so make them your first targets. La Capitan's Anomalous Shift can make it awkward for Unity and Benchmark to get what they need, although KNYFE is handy for extracting useful things from the bottom of their decks. Having the Environment take out Chiquito nueters most of La Capitan's threat, and when set up KNYFE and Benchmark are great for multple hits in a turn to remove Chiquito's protection to set up for the combo. Haka spent most of the game taking hits, recovering, and keeping the Environment targets in check.

Start investing heavy with Benchmark's Hardware and Load On Installation or Intel Analyzer to get the Software you need. By the time I could get both copies of Tactical Communicator out and used it was a merry time watching the Cryptids chew through the rest of the Villains, and is excellent for getting past Biomancer's and Proletariat's defenses. I was imagining a hasty chase on all sides as the heroes and villains avoiding the terrors of the wasteland while surrounding Con's Bunker, with Benchmark's coordination driving Proletariat straight into 13 Irreducible Skunk Ape ambush. By that point most where hovering in health around 10 with a reliance on Con's Bunker while Benchmark had actually gotten back up to 20 HP.