Villainous Archetypes

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Villainous Archetypes

So there was a huge as hell dragon god in the livestream, there's Akash'bhuta from CG, there was the whole OblivAeon fiasco not to mention Omnitron is so big he's a walking building. I'm sure we won't know till full rules are released but what do you guys think about Daikaijus? (Diakaiju means anything of Gozilla or relative size Kaiju is just a Japanese word for strange creature or monster) giant monsters are popular with Team up comics like Justice League or The Avengers. I'm hoping giant monster is the archetype that Lazer Dragon was.


Also I love Myriad don't get me wrong but his mechanics and even name of archetype only create 'minions from self' my terrorist necromancer just summons monsters they're not from him and don't cost him anything (but effort)  is Legion the only type of minion summoner? Legion just means many so is Myriad's designer picked more 'voice of legion' themed abilities and a non (can't really think of a way to describe it) can choose other options?  After all the summon a minion and ignore damage isn't really themathically feasible for a necromancer they would probably not have a 'minion' based reaction but instead just abilities to manipulate their servents.