UFGD - Mission typo? How does this work

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UFGD - Mission typo? How does this work

Resource Gathering / Overclocked Production.

This is a very strange mission, as it is 100% impossible to activate the bad effect from Overclocked Production. Is this a typo?

The only way to flip the mission to Overclocked side is during [B] of Resource Gathering if there are no SF ships in that sector. The [A] icon scraps the mission if applicable. So, if Resource Gather flips during [B] to become Overclocked Production, Overclocked Production automatically flips back during the next [A] phase. 

How is it possible to flip Resource Gathering but see the Overclocked Production effect during [I]?

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hmm perhaps it should read

{A} If there are no Strike Force Ships in this Sector, flip this card.

{A} If there is at least one unengaged Strike Force Ship in this Sector, scrap this card.

I'll put it in my list as a possible typo.