Twist Ideas

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Twist Ideas

Hello all, my apologies if a similar post has already been posted... I didn't see one so I decided to post this.

I am gming for my group and we are currently working through the starter kit. One thing that tends to take up some time is coming up with twists. I do my best to come up with twists before each session but I would like to get more ideas for twists. I'm aware twists sometimes are scene specific or character specific. What twists has everyone come up with in their own respective games?

Some of the ones I've come up with that seemed to work out nicely:

  • Civilians get in trouble. Heroes need to overcome to save them.
  • Part of the environment collapses, causing damage to hero X.
  • Sewage sweeps the city streets causing a hinder to all heroes.
  • New minions spawn.
  • Toxic pores flood the area, causing heroes hinders and villians boosts.

What twists has everyone else come up with/played through? Feel free to share actual stories regarding those twists!