Thoughts on scaling

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Thoughts on scaling

(This a topic I probably should have posted weeks ago.)

We've been assured that scaling works very well in Galactic Strike Force. But from what we know of the rules it seems to me that maybe things are easier when there are more players, or at any rate that 2 ships is weaker than 3.

Let's look at the scaling issues for a moment, based on the rules as outlined in the first update:

1) The number of starting Opposition ships scales linearly with the number of players. This would appear to indicate that, in the early game, players face approximately the same amount of pressure regardless of how many players there are. However, the number of Opposition ships as a percentage of the number of player ships is higher in a small game, and becomes more so over time.

2) The fleet limit scales with the number of players. This prevents 6 player games from reaching the fleet limit in a small number of turns. On the other hand, it means that the Opposition reaches the fleet limit in a smaller number of turns in a 2 player game than it does in a 6 player game.

3) In a large game, it is more likely that at any given point in time, someone will have a card in their hand that is the correct answer to some specific emergency situation.

4) Because it's a deckbuilding game with a limited number of cards of each name, in a smaller game it will be easier to build better decks. Assuming techs are effectively unique and you'd always rather have a tech than not have it (and I'm not sure those assumptions are correct), then the maximum strength of a ship in a 3 player game is greater than it is in a 6 player game. And if techs aren't effectively unique, if a ship can have 2 Colossal Pulse Cannons installed, then ships in a 2 player game can be stronger still. Plus it's easier to build better comboes when you don't have as much competition for those comboes.

5) In a game with a large number of players, it should be easier for the players to control the Opposition so that it gets fewer ships out. It seems to me that this is key to slowing the Opposition down, because in the long turn an Opposition boost is generally not going to be as bad as an Opposition ship that will play several Opposition ships and boosts over the course of a game. In fact, in a 2 player game, you can't even visit one of the Sectors, and it may be impossible to prevent the Opposition recruiting a new ship with every play.

6) The Flagship we've seen previewed has better base stats in a game with more players. Basically, ships in a 6 player game will need to scrounge up an extra 4 shields in order to take the same amount of damage from the Flagship, as compared to a 2 player game. However, if each ship has at least 3 attack, then they should be able to team up to take it down more easily.