The Survival Guide to The Block

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The Survival Guide to The Block

The Block

A Prison within it's own demension. Can you survive?



  • Types of Cards: Inmates and Agents
  • Number of target cards: 10
  • Special Mention:
  • General Observations: This environment is a pretty easy environment and one that is good to try new villains on. A lot of the time inmates and the agents target each other. Typically this environment doesn't provide a lot of trouble. 
  • Groan Cards: The Inmate Char has an hp of 14 and deals each noninmate target 2 and 2. Prison Riot reveals until three inmates are revealed and put into play.
  • Dificulty rank - 1 (According to wiki)


 Villains with this environment


Heros with this environment

  • Wraith using multiple Mega computers or Visionary using Mass levitation can null the damage dealt by this environment to nearly nothing. Naturalist's Environment allies can make teams immune to damage from environment (if in gazelle mode)

Anything I should add? Tips thoughts? Suggestions? Anything you suggest will added. Thanks for the help!


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The Wraith with multiple Mega Computer and/or The Visionary using Mass Levitation in this environment makes it so the environment does nearly nothing. Crazed Prisoner and Defensive Displacement are the cards with the best shot to effect anything in the game at that point.

Edit: Throw in Mister Fixer will a Jack Handle and Riveting Crane, it allows the environment to solely hit the villains and eachother. Mix in a bit of The Naturalist and Environmental Allies, the environment will then only strike at villain targets.

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This is possibly a bad environment to face Akash'Bhuta in since it is target heavy.  Akash'Bhuta would still get benefit when flipped too since the guards and agents typically destroy each other.  

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The Block gaurd causes any target damaged by it to not be able to deal damage. Any way to redirect damage from it (via synaptic, or wrest the mind) is very good for locking down the villian, especially if it's a villian whose character card is the main one dealing the damage (plague rat, Iron Legacy, Apostate, Ambuscade, etc.)

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Skyscraper's Aggression Modulator turns Char into an amazing ally. No damage to heroes and 3 and 4 to villain targets.