Taking both Major Regeneration Red Powers?

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Taking both Major Regeneration Red Powers?

I am working on a character that is known for its uncanny and unparalleled regeneration abilties.

I had a question regarding Major Regneration from Athletics, and Major Regeneration from Self Control. They both do the same thing "Hinder yourself; use Min die; Recover using Max+Mid die. However, one requires you to Hinder yourself with Vitality, and the other with [Power]

1) Does taking both of these make my Regneration capabilties any better, or will I find myself only using Vitality or [Power] when Hindering myself? With no real choice other the asthetic, die size, or perhaps situationaly. Can I even take both if it mattered?

If not, Ill most likley end up picking one of them, and perhaps going with Ressurection.


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To answer your question... Mechanically, taking both of them would mean that your character has two different ways to utilize their Powers when recovering from severe wounds in the heat of action. It is important to note that you will still be using your normal dice pool of a Power, a Quality, and your status die, so the Hinder could be large (but likely won't be).


Your mileage may vary for the advice below:

However, and I've built a character who faced a similar dillema before during creation, I would recommend *not* taking both versions of Major Regeneration. Narratively, it's super cool to have two different ways to regenerate when everything is on fire around you and about to collapse in upon itself. But, if they don't have potent Green or Yellow abilities to use when not regenerating, then your character will likely feel not as effective when the red zone rolls around.

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Technically you can take both, but what's the point? You'd just be limiting what you're capable of doing. They don't stack up together or anything to improve your healing and the game is very flexible mechanically as it is so there's no need to have both. If you want mechanically the best healing you would be better off assigning your highest die power to it and taking another red ability.

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Doubling up an ability, any ability, really is a waste of slots most of the time.

If you want to be able to major heal better, take a green or yellow self boost... because your green and yellow are still options when you're in red... so boost self, then next turn, heal self.


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Technically having two abilities that do the same thing can be relevant if one of the associated powers are negated by a twist or something, but practically speaking they both give you the same thing - the ability to spend an action healing - and they don't stack, because you can only take one or the other action at a time.

Other ways to represent extremely rapid regeneration include defensive abilities, to represent recovering from injuries as fast as they are inflicted. Damage reduction, better Defend actions, and so forth. You could also take lesser recovery abilities that you can use before you get down to the Red, or the Resurrection ability that lets you bounce back after being taken Out.