State of GTG - June 2017

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State of GTG - June 2017

We just got back from UK Games Expo! Christopher, Jenn, Craig, Mara, and I all went and saw lots of awesome people. Christopher and I also spent a ton of time playing Spirit Island and drinking real ale; I really need a nearby pub that serves beer on cask so that I don't have to drive 25 minutes each way just to have a pint.

Anyhow! We've had a fantastically productive month. Here is a quick summary of things we accomplished:

  1. Matt organized all of our convention equipment better than it has been in the 6+ years we have been a company.
  2. Mara, Craig, SaRae, and I attended ACD Games Day in Madison, WI to show off all of our products to their sales people and various attending retailers.
  3. 30 hours after ACD Games Day, Mara, Craig, and I joined up with Christopher and Jenn for UK Games Expo.
  4. I lost my voice after talking about Spirit Island and Lazer Ryderz for 2 weeks straight.
  5. We set a new Letters Page record of 28,647 monthly downloads.
  6. Tons of Gen Con prep work. It is my favorite show of the year, and is always a ton of work, but geez does this years show ever have a lot going on.
  7. We finished a bunch of art and minor text writing for the VotM release on the SotM video game.
  8. We finalized so many things! Both OblivAeon and the RPG Starter Kit are very close to done.

Here is the status of all of our works in progress!

In Stock Since Last Month

  1. Viva Java
  2. Viva Java: The Dice Game

Shipping to Backers

  1. Nothing this month.

In Transit; On A Boat

  1. Lazer Ryderz
  2. Exoplanets
  3. Spirit Island

In Mass Production

  1. Fate of the Elder Gods (scheduled shipping 26 June)
  2. Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse (scheduled shipping 26 June)
  3. SotM: Stuntman, Benchmark, & Void Guard
  4. SotM: Complete Hero Variant Collection

At Factory; Pre-Press Work

  1. SotM: Ultimate Collector's Case
  2. SotM: 5th Anniversary Foil Villain Collection

Current WIP Focus by GTG

  1. Completing OblivAeon
  2. Sentinel Comics: The Role Playing Game starter kit
  3. Prime War
  4. A new and improved website.

I'll see you next month!

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Sounds like you guys have had a hectic few days with cons! Looking forward to the upcoming months!

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Well, it seems like I will get my Wish of having Spirit Island to hold me over till OblivAeon comes out, Can't wait to Open it up!

*Goes to KitBacker To make sure Address if right*

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Sing it with me now...

I'm on a boat!

I'm on a boat!

Take a good, hard look --

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Looking forward to Spirit Island. Excited the OblivAeon mini expansions are in mass production.  

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Woot!  I think I'm actually more excited about Void Guard, Stuntman, and the hero variant collection than I am about OblivAeon, so it's good to know they're 100% done.  I wish they'd just get shipped early like the foil heroes did.

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The new heroes totally rock. A lot of them have become fast favorites in my group.

That said, my recent games with OblivAeon have been among the most fun I've had playing Sentinels...

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Ugh so much stuff I want Paul. And I am broke for several months. Paul I will do odd jobs for gtg in exchange for board games. 

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