Starter Kit Story (Extremely Late)

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Starter Kit Story (Extremely Late)

I've been running some of the characters I made through the starter kit scenario, and just finished the first book.

The team that I'm running through it, at least in my writing until now, was less of an outright heroics team and more of a damage control squad. They were deployed to situations that were about to go up in flames (metaphorically or literally), and I didn't expect them to have an easy time with the Tree portion of the scenario.

While they ended with two members in the Red zone, and the third member in the Yellow, they actually kept the Scene Tracker from ever leaving the Green Zone. Has anyone else seen a group of heroes pull that off before?

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe