Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers

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Well, I did say "descendant." We can rule out daughter.

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I can accept that.  It certainly opens up more questions then about Obi Wan's kid or kids. 

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Maybe Anakin's mother, Shmi,  had more immaculate conceptions and Rey is descended from one of them?

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Odin: Yo, Jupiter! It's me, Odin. I've got this thing tonight but can't score a date, can you hook me up with anyone?

Jupiter: Totally can dude, I'll give you Shmi Skywalkers number.

Odin: That girl? You gotta be kidding me, she's been immaculately conceiving all ove the place! I might get around, but I have some standards.

Jupiter: That's all I got man, sorry.

Odin: Ahh, what the hell, I can't be flying solo tonight.

9 months later

Shmi: Honestly, there was no father. I carried him, I gave birth, I raised him. I can't explain what happened.

Jupiter: That'll be due to all those damn Appletini's Odin plied you with. I'm telling you, he's a scoundrel.

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I saw it again today, and I have decided that:

1. Rey is not Luke's daughter. Her conversation with Maz seemed to put "Rey's family" and "Luke" in separate buckets.

2. Han, Maz, and Kylo Ren know who Rey is and why she matters.

I also think The Force Awakens would have been better without the rathgars and if they'd come up with a better third act conceit than Starkiller base. For example, they could have sent Kylo Ren and some infiltrators to undermine the Republic government through assassinations, and had the confrontation with Han and Rey there.

That said, "oh, we'll build a thing like the Death Star, only bigger!" sounds an awful lot like a military-industrial complex I know, so maybe it isn't so unbelievable after all.

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phantaskippy wrote:

I really hope Po is using the force, otherwise WTF.  In one short sequence he shoots 9 Tie Fighters and a bunch of storm troopers?  I mean James Bond didn't go that ridiculous.  It was just over the top, and would rate worse than the "Now this is podracing" sequence from Episode I.  I don't believe a single shot missed in that sequence.  They need something to explain that, because it wasn't awesome, it was unrealistic and ridiculous.

Finn has some force sensitivity, he has too as well.  Otherwise he's a bit too "OMG I never used this before, but look what I pulled off."

It is entirely possible that since the Jedi Order was wiped out (though a number of Jedi survived), there have been a lot more untrained Force Sensitive kids in the universe. It also wasn't unusual for there to be Force Sensitives in the Expanded Universe, since it basically came down to a character apparently having incredible luck. That being said, I am all for a new Trio all being FS. I mean, only Han wasn't in the original...

phantaskippy wrote:

The light-saber countering weapon the storm trooper pulled out?No thank you.  It had arcs of electricity on it, so now electrified things can stop lasers?  Things like these issues relegate the movie to the level of Return of the Jedi or maybe a bit below.  If these guys were caught by a battalion of Storm Troopers, they'd just be even more awesome and win.  Because JJ Abrams.

That's a cortosis-weave weapon! They've been in the Expanded Universe for ages, but this is the first movie display of one. I can't remember if The Clone Wars or Rebels has talked about it. Cortosis, depending on source, can block or short out a lightsaber.


Alternatively it's phrik or Mandalorian Iron (Edit: those are two separate materials that are also lighstaber resistant), but I'm going with cortosis as that would reconnect with Riot Stormtrooper electrostaffs, which is likely what that was a reference to.

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