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Spiff's GSF Accessories

Is this perhaps a little premature?  That's what she said.  However, even though the cards themselves haven't even been printed yet, I am so bored today that I've put together the first of my printable GSF accessories in the form of five Opposition card boxes (unsleeved only, for now).  I also rolled the GSF Randomizer and these card boxes together into their own GSF webpage: www.spiffworld.com/gsf .

I have plans to make special 8-card slip-folders for each of the Strike Force ship decks, but I don't have that art yet, so those are still on the to-do list (the Opposition art posted on the Kickstarter was high enough quality for me to make the boxes).  Actually, I suppose it's more accurate to say that I'm assuming I'll have no trouble gaining access to the GSF art when it's finalized, but I don't actually have evidence of that yet because I haven't asked, because I don't think it's all done.  I'm not anticipating any problems (I hope).

I'm also planning on making a set of printable pyramidal stand-up tokens for each of the ships (supersized for the Opposition flagships, natch), so that people won't have to play with 2D, flat-on-the-table ship tokens if they don't want to.  For those, I'll need the ship art too.

Other than that, I can't think of anything else I could make to increase enjoyment of the game.  If anyone has any ideas when the game comes out, let me know.

It's actually kind of a good thing that there aren't that many new accessories I can make for GSF.  So many people are accessing my SotM accessories now, that I'm nearly to the point where I'll need to bump up my webhosting plan to one with greater bandwidth limits to avoid big fees for exceeding the bandwidth limits.  I never thought that would happen, and it's fun that so many people are digging the accessories, but the longer I can put off having to pay extra for it, the better. :)

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