Some missing Answer options in the Backerkit Survey Questions

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Some missing Answer options in the Backerkit Survey Questions

The survey's options lacked a couple of key options...

There's no "I own the Digital Card Game" option - and the DCG lacks the background information the physical has.

There is no "I learned of it from the Starter Kit." (which is where I learned of it.)

Still, I'm spending a bunch more on add-ons...

I'm also wondering when the card will be charged.


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Just give as best ananswer as you can, dude. No need to be exact.

Maggie talks about when the cards will be charged AND when the backerkits will close in the comments of the last update.

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Personally I’d count owning digital or physical as being the same.   

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What information do you feel the digital card game lacks over the physical? It has character profiles for every hero, villain, and even location. 

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I wanted to share that I learned about the Kickstarter by talking to a friend... ;-) 

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