Smash Ultimate Wishlists?

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Smash Ultimate Wishlists?

Let me start by saying that I don't have a Switch, nor do I have any access to Smash...

But that doesn't stop me from having a wishlist!  This list is mostly compiled from my own gaming experience.  My top 5 are:

5. Shadow the Hedgehog (Controls the competition!)- The only character on my list who exists in SSB in any form, Shadow would make a good addition.  While borrowing a few moves from Sonic, he could have an arsenal of weapons and unique Chaos Control powers that would put him closer to Bayonetta in gameplay.

4. The Spy (Backstabs into battle!)- This TF2 mercenary would wield his trademark knife, revolver, and sapper.  He would have lower damage in order to compensate for his ability to cloak himself, as well as disguising as his opponent.  His final smash could involve the other 8 mercenaries in a single, unified hit.

3. Spider-Man (Swings into the fray!)- The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man would have a variety of grapples and rappells, a lighter combatant with excellent recovery.  Maybe Peter Parker didn't start as a video game character, but his recent PS4 title has brought him back into digital relevance.

2. Octodad (Nobody suspects a thing!)- Although his last release was a while ago, this floppy protagonist would carry over, to some extent, his ragdolling shenanigans from his own title.

1. Cuphead (Runs and guns!)- Fox isn't the only one with a blaster.

I'm curious to see what your top 5 are- not necessarily realistic, just your dream picks!

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The main ones that come to mind for me are Shovel Knight and Waluigi as full blown characters instead of assist trophies. 

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I've had one fighter request since the years of the Gamecube:

Viewtiful Joe, from the series of the same name(Game Cube). He's a Tokusatsu style movie hero, and his game was all about fighting wave after wave of baddies with special VFX powers(Slow, Mach Speed, and Zoom In), sometimes having to use them in special ways to solve environmental puzzles. I think he could make a pretty flashy fighter with plenty of possibility for cool combos.

I haven't had too high a hopes for Joe since both his series and his creator Clover Studio both kind of went under from what I understand. Though certain members from Clover did rise from the ashes to make Platinum Games, and one of their characters(Bayonetta) is already on the roster. Which gives me hope for:

Wonder Red from the Wonderful 101(Wii-U). A character who is somewhat similar to his videogame ancestor Viewtiful Joe. He's a part of the Wonderful 100, a veritable army of superheroes who's special powers let members link up to form hard-light shapes of different weapons, letting you fight massive alien invaders. Red is also a hand-to-hand combatant, but his team and powers would help him stand out from the crowd.

The fact that A) Platinum Games seems to be playing pretty well with Nintendo recently, their 'Bayonetta' series running exclusivly(I think) on the Switch right now with a third instalment on the way, B) I've actually seen an in-game Spirits of characters from Wonderful 101 in Ultimate, but I haven't seen Wonder Red as one just yet, giving me hope.

But really, if I could make one request of Mister Sakurai, I'd ask him simply for NO MORE 'SWORD WEILDER' FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS, PLEASE. We have more than enough of those, thank you.

Edit: Other than what I mentioned, I also wish Springman from ARMS was an actual figher and not just an Assist Trophy. Seems like a missed two-fold opportunity to add a new and unique fighter AND it would have been good advertizing for a new Nintendo first party IP.

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I just checked the list of known Spirits in Ultimate. Unfortunately it looks like my main pick of Wonder Red in fact IS a represented on that list.

Going off of what I think one of the main guidlines for a possible candidate is(No previous representation in game, I.E. Assist Trophies, Spirits, or any other appearance in the current game), I doubt WR will make the cut. :(

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I might as well share my most wanted character.  Up until very recently I didn't think she had a snowball's chance in hell to make it...but with Joker from Persona getting in I'd say she has an actual shot at making it.

The character is Reimu Hakurai, the main character of the Touhou games.  Why her?  Well I think her moveset would be interesting being a shrine maiden with homing amulets, needles, and ying yang orbs to help her out and a gensokio stage would be super nuts, but the big reason I want her in is because it would put Touhou music in Smash.  Thinking about the Smash team remaking Touhou music with their budget and musical talent makes me super excited.

I'll put things in here later.

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I am hoping for Banjo Kazooie as a nintendo/microsoft team-up. Also phoenix wright would be fun.