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share your character

We have a thread for random characters so how about one for constructed characters?



The mountain watches the freedom of the sea and cries. The sea looks at the stability of the mountain and sighs.

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first appearing as a reoccuring character in the background of Daybreak in both dynamic trainging scenes and mundane class rooms.

Aaron Thomas Zimerman was all ways top in his school- captain of the swim team, accademic decathalon, class president. On a family vacaion on the Medetaranian coast Aaron ( never Ron ) stumbled on what appeared to be a sunken rock. It was in truth an ancient clay pot and the vessel of an ancient power. The Promethian Flame a sentient self perpetuating plasmic energy source. The Flame however must be housed in a proper vessel or risk it's own fadeing and great damage to the world. Arron's mind, body, and soul became the new host for the Promethian Flame.

The Flame is a benevolent conscisness and Aaron is learning to use the powers of fire it gives him to make the world a better place. Comming to Freedom Plaza has been a boon the Aarons mental health, he is no longer first, best, or top with incredible expectations in a world of super heroes he is now simple above average and feels relaxed despite delivering the same effort and skill that he always has.



POWERS                                                                                QUALITIES

Fire D10                                                                                   Self Disciplin D12

Flight D10                                                                                History d10

Awareness D8                                                                         Acrobatics D8

Swimming D8                                                                          Big Man on Campus D8

                                                                                                 Leadership D8

Principle of Great Power                Principle of Mastery

Green D8               Yellow D8             Red D10

Green abilities

Attack pattern Delta-   action - Attack with Fire/Acrobatics deffend with Min die

Fusilade-   action - Attack up to 3 targets with Fire/Self Disciplin apply Min die to each

Yellow abilities

Intercepter-  reaction - when an ally in Y or R zone would be damaged redirect to self Defend with Fight

Obstacle courser-  action - Overcome an environmental challenge with Fight/acrobatics use Max die, Remove any penalty, or Boost with Min die

Tactical Overveiw-  action - Boost with Flight/Leadership apply that bonus to all hero attack and overcome actions until next turn

Red abilities

After Burners -  action - Boost with Flight/Self Disciplin use Max+Mid die, end up anywhere in the scene avoiding danger

Flame Blast -  action - Attack with Fire/Self Disciplin use Max+Mid die


The mountain watches the freedom of the sea and cries. The sea looks at the stability of the mountain and sighs.

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This character is from my own writing which is completely noncanon. But hey, I like him, so why not?


First appearance: Janitor in background panels of various comics.

Thashe Scheide was not what one would call exceptionally gifted. Through his childhood, teen years, and even college, his life was always changing in some way. Whether it was parental figures moving on, or having to leave the house, or just school being difficult, there was always problems. A particular one that had plagued him throughout it all though, was his talent for Magecraft. Most who call themselves Mages have fine control over their Magecraft, able to use it with relatively ease for the costs it came with.

Instead, Thashe had the ability to replace parts of his body with oversized ferrous prosthetics. These prosthetics both enhanced his physical capabilities and ability to perform Magecraft. Despite his best efforts, Thashe always had his right arm replaced with the prosthetic, choosing to cover it up with oversized jackets. The scale of what could call his heroics was at best local, until he was done with college. 

With his newly earned (and dearly paid for) degree in magical theory, Thashe dove deep into Magecraft, training himself to master more fully the ability that plagued him for his entire life. There later came stories of places ravaged by war or monsters where a man in a brown cloak seeks out the figurative weapons that caused such devastation; His goal to seal them away such that they may never be used again.

That man is called Avalon, The Living Sheathe.





POWERS                                                                                QUALITIES


Summoned Sheathes D10                                                 Alertness D10


Awareness D8                                                                      Fitness D10


Vitality D8                                                                             Close Combat D8


Intuition D8                                                                          Living Sheathe D8


Shapeshifting D6                                                                 Survivor d6


Principle of The Nomad                Principle of The Powerless


Green D6               Yellow D6             Red D12


Green abilities


Arm-Sheathe Deflection - reaction - When you would be dealt damage, you may roll a d4 while in the green, a d6 while in the yellow, and d8 while in the red. Reduce the damage you take by the value rolled, and Attack another target with that roll.

Sheathe and Sprint - action -  Attack using Alertness. Remove one physical bous or penalty, Hinder a target with your Min die, or maneuver to a new location in your environment. 

Yellow abilities

Summon Sheathe - action - Boost yourself using Summoned Sheathes. Use your Max die. That bonus is persistent and exclusive. Attack using your Min die. You may apply that bonus to this Attack.

Sheathe Space - action - Attack using Awareness. Use your Mid die. You may Attack an additional target for each bonus you have. Apply a different bonus to each Attack. Survivor in a Body of Iron R When you would take damage, Defend against that damage by rolling your single Vitality die.

Survivor in a Body of Iron R - reaction - When you would take damage, Defend against that damage by rolling your single Vitality die.

Red abilities

Possibility Unsheathed - action - Boost using Summoned Sheathes. Use your Max die. That bonus is persistent and exclusive. Then, Attack using your Mid die plus that bonus.

Possibility Collapse - action - Attack using Summoned Sheathes and at least one bonus. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Destroy each of your bonuses, adding them to this Attack first, even if they are exclusive.

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe

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Full disclaimer I missed the chapter 2 download so I'm missing how many powers I get and what dice I have.


Now this character didn't even have a name when she first showed up in comics.  She was just a background NPC the artist didn't even know he was drawing whenever he needed someone to run away from chaos or a face in the crowd.  It was only when the editor brought it up did he and the writer notice this was a thing.  Rather than changing it they decided to make sure she was in every issue, going as far as to put her on TV when they couldn't otherwise squeeze her in.  Eventually they got attached to her and when the higher ups told them that they needed Parse for a big thing they asked if they could ascend their extra.  It took one hell of an elevator pitch, using a ley line character because the artisted wanted to draw more cool linestuff when going for a POV shot, but they got the greenlight for it and made one comic for Parse - A Point of View that would lead into Flatleyer's own book...which I still don't know the full title of.


Winrey Stewart is a very troubled lass.  Now one wouldn't expect that from looking at her.  After all, she comes from a very rich family, has good grades, and has an extremely promicing carrier in tennis ahead of her with one of the best coaches on the sport at her side.  The problem is that her parents don't expect nearly the best from her, they expect only the best.  The wanted only the best long before she was born, and spent as much as possible on genetically modifying their unborn daughter to have the perfect body, the perfect mind, and the perfect personality.  Unfortunatly for Winrey, she was not as perfect as her parents hoped for and they would often take it out on her verbally.

With excuses always landing her in deeper trouble with her parents and talking to people other than those they approved of getting her grounded, Winrey learned fast to just keep her mouth shut and just nod or shake her head through life.  When demanded to pick a sport to excell in, she chose tennis, a sport where she wouldn't have to interact with anyone but her coach and training started as soon as it could be arraged.  Thankfully the girl had natural talent on her side and learned the sport extremely quickly, and even as young as 17 her coach is trying to get her out of school and into professional tournaments instead of ones aimed at youths.

Things went from bad to worse after Deadline attacked.  During the attack Winrey was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with her heart lined up exactly with a leyline when it was broken.  The shock nearly killed her, and being buried didn't help.  She was supposed to be hospitalized for a month but she recovered in less than a week.  See it turns out that the shattering of the ley line would give her powers to draw energy from ley lines to perform magic, but it would be years before the girl would realize this.  Before then the ley lines would lead her into trouble, constantly leading her to shootouts or superpowered battles where she would have to figure out how to escape with her life, only to be berated for showing up late to practice or home.

One of these times would be while the hero Parse was in town.   Parse was investigating the amount of strange happenings in Winrey's town and had noticed that the girl was always there whenever she was in a fight.  It was not a coincidence and she knew it, but the girl would always run away from the fight before she got a chance to confront her, at least not until the girl was on a school trip to a museum.  Parse had calculated an attack would happen there based on the movement pattern of previous attacks and concluded she was right when she saw Winrey, and went right up to her to ask why she was always there when trouble happened.  While Winrey was too terrified to speak, Parse was at least able to confirm that a trembling high school girl that couldn't even make eye contact wasn't being a ringleader.  She tried to get more out of her but that's when the attack started.

The attacker made his way to the Scandinavian exibit, where the story of Beowulf was being told and a sword they claimed was the real Hrunting was on display.  It was just in the man's reach when Parse shot it away.  It flew in a direction that should have been impossible and landed at Winrey's feet.  Normally the girl would have just ran as fast as she could, but for reasons she didn't know she grabbed the sword before finding a spot to hide.  She figured she would just lay low and let Parse solve the problem like she always did, but then the sword started to crackle and there was a blinding flash of light.  When her vision returned to her, she was sitting there holding a tennis racket with the same runes as Hrunting, who then spoke into her mind.

Hrunting explains that rather than just a weapon it was actually a conduit of power for someone that could use leyline magic that changes its shape to the weapon the weilder is most suited towards, and tells the true story of Beowulf and how he used leyline magic to accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks in his story like sinking into a lake for days, and how that it was now bound to the girl until she died or it was broken once more.  It then quickly taught her how to absorb and unleash energy from leylines with his aid and ordered her to get back in there and help with the fight.  Winrey, not wanting to anger the relic tied to her lifeforce, did as told, causing immense damage to the museum in the process and running away when confronted about it.

So now a teenager afraid of speaking to others is lost with nothing but ley line powers and a magical tennis racket that wants her to fight.  Will she find the support she needs or is she doomed to a path of despair?  Only time will tell.

...uh, yeah, sorry for the wall of text but yeah, haven't even gotten the full details on her backstory just yet.


Possible Personalities: Nieve, Lone Wolf, or Distant
Background: Upper Class
Power Source: Mystic
Possible Archetypes: Shadow or Marksman

Confirmed Powers: Signature Weapon and Absorbtion
Unconfirmed Powers: Radiant, Transmutation, Agility, Awareness
Confirmed Qualities: Fitness, Ranged Combat, Magical Lore (retconed from Persuasion because that does not fit her character)
Unconfirmed Qualities: Creativity, Alertness

I'll need to see the full CRB before I can finalize anything, but that's what I have for her so far.

I'll put things in here later.

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Here is a link to a . . . Few constructed characters I made.

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That's quite a few. I applaud your devotion to making characters.

I've made not close to that many.

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe

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I made my first post before going to bed after work

missed somethings for Salamander

Out ability Boost with Fire


red scuba wet suit, red racing bicycle helmet, mirrored ski goggles, red ski resperator

clunky and mundane costume hidden by flame aura

The mountain watches the freedom of the sea and cries. The sea looks at the stability of the mountain and sighs.

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Only been able to make time to create one character, so far, but looking forward to messing around with it more: (Character Gen details are on page 4.)

"See, this is another sign of your tragic space dementia, all paranoid and crotchety. Breaks the heart." - Mal

Until we have an H emoticon:

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Well, that's a lot more creativity in the names than I've been able to muster. Nice!

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe

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Sure, here was my first attempt at a Modular character...

In his home reality, Haruto Mamoto was a hero chosen by the light to face the darkness that pervaded his realm. This light, which shined the greatest from within himself, gave birth to a power only he could wield, the Light Blade, a mystical weapon he could summon at will, and whose blade of light allowed the weapon to take on many different styles of blades, and even other weapons entirely for short periods of time. Haruto wasn't alone in his endevours, as he found a group of people with similar weapons, each drawing upon a different element to form their blades, and together they banded to fight back against the darkness. However, in what was to be their final battle with the darkness, an unexpected enemy appeared in their reality. OblivAeon, sensing the similarities between this reality and another, prepared to erase Haruto's reality from existence. Try as they might, Haruto and his companions failed to stop OblivAeon, and as their reality ceased to exist, the darkness washed over them, pulling them towards the mists that were rapidly fading, just barely pulling them through in time.

Awash in the darkness, Haruto clung to what little hope he had left, but the darkness is not charitable, and as payment for saving Haruto and his companions, stole their memories and scattered them across our reality, hoping to buy the time it needed to recover and wage its final battle the way it wanted to. Haruto was unconscious for the final hours of the battle against OblivAeon, but when he came to he found himself in a strange world. He could remember who he was, how he fought, and how to use the Light Blade, but everything else about his life was missing. Over time, small snippets of memory would come to him, only to be lost the next moment, but he could sense he needed to find someone, and he steeled himself to recover his memories and uncover the truth about what happened to him. Fighting alongside the heroes of Earth, hoping they may be the key to awakening his lost memories, Haruto took on the name Luster, and with the Light Blade by his side, he searches for what he lost as the darkness watches, curious as to how strong his light may be.



Background – Blank Slate

Power Source – Supernatural

Archetype – Modular/Sorcerer

Personality – Impulsive



Radiant – d10 (Default) (d8 Valorous) (d12 Final)

Fire – d8 (Default) (d10 Wisest) (d10 Masterful)

Cold – d8 (Default) (d10 Wisest) (d10 Masterful)

Light Blade – d10 (Default) (d12 Valorous) (d8 Masterful) (d12 Final)

Flight – d6 (Default) (d4 Wisest) (d10 Valorous) (d6 Masterful)

Electricity – d10 (Default) (d10 Wisest) (d8 Valorous)



Conviction – d12   Acrobatics – d8

Magical Lore – d10  Chosen By The Light – d8



Principle of Amnesia – Your past is lost to you or otherwise obscured. Others have immense difficulty in keeping track of you.

Minor Twist – You have a flash of your former life that momentarily distracted you – What was it?

Major Twist – A shocking detail of your past changes the current situation – how does it affect the scene?

Principle of Light – You have an affinity to or a love of light. You can interact with light with ease.

Minor Twist – What other energy/element is currently causing your powers to go on the fritz?

Major Twist – What source of energy/element is currently dampening all your powers?


Status Dice

Green – d6

Yellow – d6

Red – d10


Health Range

Green – 36-28

Yellow – 27-14

Red – 13-1



Default Form – Can take all basic actions, all power dice available.

Wisest Form – Cannot Boost, Defend or Overcome, Can only use Fire, Cold, Electricity and Flight powers

Valorous Form – Cannot Hinder or Overcome. Can only use Radiant, Light Blade, Flight and Electricity powers.

Masterful Form – Cannot Boost, Defend or Overcome. Can only use Fire, Cold, Flight and Light Blade powers.

The Final Form – Cannot Defend or Overcome. Can only use Radiant and Light Blade powers.




Form Change – Action, Boost yourself using Light Blade. Then change modes.

Wisest Form: Magic Missile – Action, Hinder all nearby opponents using Electricity. If you roll doubles, take damage equal to your Max die, and then you may also Attack all nearby opponents with your Min die.

Principle of Light - Action, Overcome a challenge involving light and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point.

Principle of Amnesia - Action, Overcome a situation where a completely fresh perspective is useful and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point.



Quick Change – Action, Destroy one bonus you made. Change modes, then take an action in the new mode.

Valorous Form: Grand Shield – Action, Defend yourself and all nearby allies using Light Blade against each Attack until the beginning of your next turn.

Masterful Form: Deep Freeze – Action, Attack one target using Cold. Attack a different target with your Min die. At the end of your turn, you may change modes.

Healing Light – Action, Boost an ally using Radiant. You and nearby heroes in the Yellow and Red zones Recover Health equal to your Min die.

Heat Wave – Action, Boost or Hinder using Fire, and apply that mod to multiple close targets.



Auto Change – Reaction, When you are hit with an Attack, you may change to any mode. If you do, take extra damage equal to the Min die or take a minor twist.

The Final Form: Ragnarok – Action, Move to any target in this scene and Hinder that target using Radiant. Then, Attack that target using your Max+Min die.

Trinity Blade – Action, Boost using Light Blade. Use your Max die. That bonus is persistent and exclusive. Then, Attack using your Mid die plus that bonus.

Magical Mastery Mark – Inherent, When taking any action using Magical Lore, you may reroll your Min die before determining effects.



The hero who goes directly after you may take 1 damage to reroll their dice pool.