Sentinels Battle Timeline

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Sentinels Battle Timeline

Hello all, Some of you may remember we put up an early draft of this project about a year and a half ago.  

I want to appologize for not putting up our better version sooner.  We never compleatly finished this and my friend working on it with me moved away.  

But I realized we had not put up the better version so I am doing so now.  It is not perfect.  But it is close.


This is our best atempt at going through all the cards, and Letters Page, and everything else we could find to list out all the major fights in the comics timeline of Sentinels Comics.  There are notes in there expaning how we did things and why we made the choises we did when there was not a clear answer.

Please feel free to use this how ever you would like, and please feel free to repost it somewhere that it will not get pushed off a forum page.  You should be abe to make a copy and change things if you want, or post the actual file somewhere else.