Roll20 Starter Kit campaign seeking midway help.

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Roll20 Starter Kit campaign seeking midway help.

Hey there folks,

In anticipation for the release of the Player's Handbook, I've started running my first SCRPG campaign using the Starter Kit. I got together three of my friends who were interested in playing through Roll20 with Discord as VC. I'm using the Roll20 character sheets that were shared here earlier (Thanks theDissilent!), along with graphics shared on this forum.(Thanks GeorgeDubya!) Anyway, we started our first session which went well. We came into the second session, things were going good, but about halfway through the session one of my friends, who'd been showing less and less interest, flaked out on us and just left. We ended up finishing the session, I filled in and ran his hero, but afterwards he made it clear he wasn't interested in continuing. And so we now have a bit of a conundrum, 1/3 of the way through our starter campaign and I'm not really sure things would work well with just two heroes. So, I'm making this thread to see if anyone would be interested in joining our campaign. I understand this isn't an ideal campaign to join, but if you're at all interested in having some SCRPG fun during these hard times we'd love to have you! We trend towards being less serious and just try to have fun, so if your interested, just reply below and I'll PM you our discord! If you read this far, thanks so much! You're awesome!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Hatominx