Proffesor Christopher McGlothlin talking about GtG

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Proffesor Christopher McGlothlin talking about GtG

On Facebook this morning Christopher McGlothlin (one of the 2 writers of the "History of Sentinels comics") was talking about his academic work and writing for his own company and had this to say about Greater than Games

"Although it must be said, if I did have to give up professional writing, The History of Sentinel Comics would be a great, great book to exit with. Greater Than Games is a greater company that treated me like a king instead of a Kleenex, and my family would be in a very bad place now if not for them paying me in full (after I sort of doubled the requested wordcount :) ) and in advance. I am SO looking forward to people getting their hands on that book!"

for reference August was the last date he heard, but publishing and printing has lots of parts that they don't need to tell the writer about after he turns in the final manuscript.

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after I sort of doubled the requested wordcount


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