Powerstorm and Aid From Lesser Sprits

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Powerstorm and Aid From Lesser Sprits

In our game last night, my wife and I had Aid From Lesser Sprits as our Blighted Island card. Later I gained Powerstorm and easily met the element requirement to activate the bonus level that allows the target spirit to activate up to three power cards as long as they pay the cost. My question is, since the Minor Power gained from Aid From Lesser Sprits costs nothing to play can it be activated again for no cost using Powerstorm? We looked at the text for wording about playing a card versus a card in play and couldn't discern any reason why not but I wanted to check all the same.

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I'm not sure if you can repeat it, since it's "as if played" rather than "played". (On the other hand, Powerstorm doesn't have any proviso about playing the card.) I agree that if you can repeat it, it should cost no Energy. (Of course, you'rd only save at most 1 Energy that way anyway.)