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The teaser site for GSF mentions that the game uses "panels".  I assume that means actual panels of cardboard to block people from seeing your cards or whatever (right?), perhaps used when a card play needs to be revealed simultaneously.  But in a co-op game, what would you need to hide from your co-space pirates?  Why wouldn't you just talk out what the best order of play is rather than doing it hidden?

So maybe I've got it wrong.  Does anyone know or care to speculate what the panels are and what they're for?

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Uhm... as far as I know, "panels" are just oversized cards.  Unless maybe they are being made out of something other than cardstock (if they are, I don't know, merely speculating).

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Hmmm. I thought panels to be the same as Spiff did and was wondering the same thing (though i guess those would probably be called "screens").

Oversized cards you just play other cards on top of might be more appropriately named "mats" or something along those lines. 

We need more teasers to help fuel the speculation!!

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I don't know, but I thought "panels" were game boards. Like "ship" boards with a given number of crew/equipment slots. At least it's the first thing that came to my mind.

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