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Opposition Boosts

The Kickstarter rules show that the Opposition side of the "Boarding Party" Station card is a Boost card titled "Ionic Detonation".  Its rules say, "Remove 1 Energy from each Strike Force ship in this sector."  Does that happen immediately when the card is turned over from being a good Station card to a bad one?  Does the card then go away, or will the Boost happen repeatedly?

And what are those two black dots on the Station cards next to their type?  They look like street lights that haven't been lit.  Does some bit of information get displayed there maybe?

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Once a Boost is used, it is placed in the discard pile, and the opopsition will not get to use it multiple time. This means that the Strike Force players completely lost the ability to buy that card.

The "streetlights" don't add any info (well not that I know of).

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