My First Modular Character

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My First Modular Character

I've been building a cycle of heroes for use as NPCs in the game I'm running in case the players look for help or players have to miss a game unexpectedly. While I'm nearing the end of the cycle, I ended up with Retrospect coming together as the second-to-last. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on his design bit of story about him at the end.


Hero Name: Retrospect ;

Gender: Male; Retrospect is a guy.

Height: 5' 4"; Retrospect isn't terribly tall.

Age: Young Adult; Seems likely to be in high school, or at the latest just having entered college.

Eyes: Blue; Although, they seem empty compared to most people's.

Hair: White; Bit lighter than blonde, but lighting varies.

Skin: Pale; Yeah, it's a trope, but I like how it works with this character.

Build: Unassuming; He's not really any particular build. Probably blends in pretty well with a crowd if provided with proper clothing.

Costume/Equipment: Padded dark blue body armor most of the time, including vambrace's that leave the hands unprotected. Shield, when present, is a few inches taller stood on end than he is. Definitely resembles the christian cross, though the oval center let's it provide almost total cover if needed.


Background: Tragic ; Retrospect was first seen wandering out of the mountains near a monastery burned to the ground, dressed in what would become his costume. Whatever happened there, he doesn't talk about it.

Power Source: Mystical ; Retrospect definitely seems to have some form of magical augmentation to his body, considering his superhuman feats.

Archetype: Modular(Close Quarters) ; Retrospect has been observed switching between a set of fighting styles, each with benefits and downsides. He seems to do best up close and personal.

Personality: Apathetic ; Retrospect must be moved to action, and even then rarely emotes or acknowledges injury.


- Principle Of The Defender

- Principle Of Destiny


- Green: 34-26, d6

- Yellow: 25-13, d8

- Red: 12-1, d10

Powers: see modes for dice Qualities:

Barrier Of Faith                  Self Discipline d10

Postcognition                     Close Combat d8

Vitality                                Deep Space Knowledge d10

Flight                                  Insight d10

                                          Ranged Combat d8

                                          Resolution Of The Soul d8


- Green Zone:

-- Disciplined Shift: Boost using Self Discipline. Then change modes.

- Yellow Zone:

-- Reject Death(R): When another hero in the Yellow or Red zone would take damage, you may redirect it to yourself and Defend against it by rolling your single Barrier Of Faith die.

-- Moving On(R): Overcome an environmental challenge using Vitality. Use your Max die. Either remove any penalty in the scene or Boost equal to your Mid die.

-- Shfting Style(A): Destroy one bonus you made. Change modes, then take an action in the new mode.

- Red Zone:

-- Will To Survive(R): When you are hit with an Attack, you may change to any mode. If you do, take extra damage equal to the Min die or take a minor twist.

-- Burden Of Pain(R): When multiple nearby heroes are Attacked, you may take all the damage instead. if you do, roll your Flight die + Red zone die and Defend against the Attack by the total.

-- Defend using Postcognition with your Max+Mid dice against all Attacks against you until your next turn.



- Green:

-- No Style:

--- Powers: Barrier Of Faith d10, Postcognition d10, Vitality d6, Flight d8

-- Wind Style:

--- Powers: Barrier Of Faith d8, Postcognition d8, Vitality d6, Flight d10

--- Walk The Wind: Overcome using Flight. Defend yourself with your Max die. Then, you may end up anywhere in the scene.

- Yellow

-- Water Style:

--- Powers: Barrier Of Faith d10, Postcognition d8, Vitality d10, Flight d8

--- The River Flows: Attack one target using Vitality. Attack a different target with your Min die. At the end of your turn, you may change modes.

-- Mountain Style:

--- Powers: Barrier Of Faith d12, Postcognition d8, Vitality d6, Flight d6

--- Never Again: Defend yourself and all nearby allies using Barrier Of Faith against each Attack until the beginning of your next turn.
- Red

-- Style Of Reflection:

--- Powers: Barrier Of Faith d10, Postcognition d12, Vitality d8, Flight d8

--- Soul Severance: Move to any target in this scene and Hinder that target using Postcognition. Then, Attack that target using your Max+Min die.


Retrospect File 1:

Discovered staggering away from the burning remnants of a secluded monastery in the mountains, the individual referred to hereafter as Retrospect has been relatively compliant with emergency services in returning them to society. While it has been difficult to determine, there does not appear to be any digital records of the individuals birth, or of the shield they carry. While it has been known to vanish, we have so far been unable to remove it forcefully from their hands when present. The individual has displayed possible symptoms of mental illness, including but not limited to: Extremely limited response to common stimuli, lack or delayed emotive responses to human interaction, unpredictable bouts of aggression towards individuals, and an inability to properly vocalize reactions when prompted.

Retrospect File 2:

Investigation into the bouts of aggression indicates that the subject may have a developed form of postcognition, although the function of it is unknown. While verbal communication has provided continued difficulty, our on-site telepath has provided confirmation of subject's mind having the capacity for higher thought functions. That is the extent of our current findings on the subject's mental condition.

Retrospect File 3:

Our on-site telepath, after additional sessions, has refused further skimming. While legally allowed, we have chosen to follow their wishes. Apparently the subject's mind had begun 'looking back' into the telepath's mind in recent times, and the experience is highly unpleasant. We have also begun physical reintroduction, including a walk around town. The subject still provides us difficulties in eliciting emotional or verbal responses, but they appear capable of basic interaction such as purchasing items and asking for directions, if provided with a means of recording their thoughts such as a notepad or a celluar device.

Retrospect File 4:

Our site recently was sent a second telepath, as per policy to cycle them once a year. During their routine examination of all subjects in need of their services, the telepath has indicated an extreme disinclination for further interaction with the subject. If most people possess a soul, then the subject's 'is not currently interactive, or possibly rotting away'. The implications of this are both elucidating, and worrying.

Retrospect File 5:

A known criminal in the past was brought to the facility. The subject had of late been released to assist other subjects in their recovery, and has proven quite helpful. However, upon exposure to the new subject, a brawl ensued leaving several security guards heavily injured, and the new subject pinned to a wall by spectral chains. The commotion also apparently gave the subject Retrospect a chance to vanish, and the search for them is ongoing. While certainly a powerful force for good, we worry for the fate of 'evil-doers' who have the misfortune to come across them.

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe