More rules questions: Indestructible and Dive & Drop

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More rules questions: Indestructible and Dive & Drop

Principle of the Indestructible says, "During Roleplaying: You ignore damage from unpowered close-combat weapons and attacks, such as clubs and non-powered fists, or basic ranged attacks, such as slings and arrows."  Unlike every other Principle, this one appears to have an application that's not just "during roleplay," but during combat as well.  Is that the intent?  Or do clubs and arrows somehow only hurt you only when it's not an action scene?

Dive & Drop says, in part, "Whatever that minion rolls as defense Attacks another target of your choice."  The language is weird because it's not the hero attacking, it's not the minion attacking, it's the roll that's attacking.  What/whose modifiers apply?  Would it matter if there was a floating "all hero attacks" or "all enemy attacks" modifier in place?  Also, if you have an ability that triggers on you defeating an enemy or an enemy attacking, can either of those be triggered?

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It does seem like Principle of Invulnerability is intended to be for some combat scenes... but it is one where a Game Moderator will be the final judge.  Personally, I would likely have such a character be immune to Attacks by minions, but not to Hinders and other actions.  I wouldn't apply such Invulnerability to Lieutenants or Villains, as these would generally be the higher end foes one will fight... though again, this will be a case-by-case decision.  Simply put, if the threat a Hero with the Principle is facing is of a trivial nature (not really meant cause serious harm), then chances are they can just ignore attacks by them.

As for Dive and Drop, the Defense roll the minion makes to Defend against your Attack is used as an Attack against another target of your choosing.  Therefore, any Bonuses or Penalties that would be applied to the Minion will affect the roll (though they apply sepertely when determining the effects of the Defense and the following Attack).

Example... Flight-Man uses this Ability to attack Mook Minion 1 and gets a 6 on the die he uses to determine the result (likely Mid-die).  Mook Minion 1 is a D6 minion so rolls a D6 to defend and gets a 4.  Assuming that Moon Minion 1 has no bonuses or penalties to his Defense roll, once we finish resolving this Attack, he will be out of the fight.  Before that happens though we need to apply that same roll as an Attack against another Target of Flight-Man's choosing... and he chooses Mook Minion 2.  This is a strength 4 Attack (based on Mook Minion's Defense roll), but now we would apply any bonuses or penalties that might apply to Mook Minion 1's attacks (which we will assume is none).  Mook Minion 2 then makes his own Defense roll (as a D6 minion) and gets only a 3 and likewise has no bonuses or penalties to this roll.  The end result is that both Mook 1 and Mook 2 are now out of the fight.  How you choose to describe this is up to you.

Note that if Mook 1 did have a bonus to his Defense roll, it would not apply when using the roll to deterimine the following Attack, but a different bonus might.  For both the Defense and Attack roll, you use the unmodified roll and then apply approprite bonuses or penalties based on the action that roll is being applied to.  It is possible for a persistant bonus or penalty to be applied to both rolls, though the Game Moderator will likely have the final say in the matter.

At least this is how I would handle the situation (though I am pretty sure the rules support this interpretation).

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