Marvel's Luke Cage (Spoilers!!!)

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Marvel's Luke Cage (Spoilers!!!)

For those watching / interested and not worried about spoilers...




Finished it a few minutes ago.  Yeah, it's been a long, awesome weekend (about to end with SotM gaming with some friends). I'm going to have to digest for a bit, but I was really impressed, overall. It had some issues, mostly related to it's comic book nature and approach, but the messages were really well crafted and it's characters (with one exception, in my mind) beautifully done.

What is everyone else thinking?

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I finished it earlier to day as well. While it was good for some reason I don't think it was as good as others in the series.

It did make me laugh out loud at some points, and that's something the other Marvel series haven't done.

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Haven't completed it but I've enjoyed what I've seen five episodes in.  Still find it weird they make references to the Avengers movie but can't call any of the heroes out by name.  

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