Is there any space for (and interest in) Game Recaps?

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Is there any space for (and interest in) Game Recaps?

Hello Sentinel Fans!

I'm not a regular user of the forums, but I am about to start a Sentinels RPG campaign (tomorrow!) using the Kickstarter preview materials. I was wondering if there's an appropriate forum for posting game logs (that is, a narrative of the game events, along with some discussion of mechanics, how I ran various scenes and challenges, and hopefully some useful tips for other GMs). Also, I'm wondering if anyone cares to read that sort of thing!

I'd love to share my story with others, but also be helpful to newer GMs or others who are just approaching this system.

A bit about me: I've been running RPGs for 28 years now (I haven't gone more than 6 months without running an RPG in almost 3 decades! Yikes!) I am only like... a year behind on listening to the podcast. I started playing Sentinels in 2012, and I started by playing Bunker, and I really didn't love Sentinels the first time (or second time) I played it. BUT DON'T FREAK OUT! I played it a few more times, and I came to absolutely love it. I own all of it, and it lives in my big Collector's Box in my living room. My favorite character is the Scholar. The Sentinels RPG campaign I'm running takes place in a Disparation timeline, not the RPG timeline, so the Sentinels world is a little different (in ways that I hope fans will still enjoy!). The players are playing B-level (maybe even C-level) side characters who are about to be thrust to the front of the superhero-ing world. There's also a "meta-universe" justification and story that goes with the "comic book" series that the PCs feature into.

So... are Sentinels RPG game logs are an appropriate topic for this forum? Would anyone like to see that kind of thing?

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I can't see why Game Logs wouldn't be appropriate here. If you are uncertain however, then perhaps put them into the off-topic channel.

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