Inititive Tracking in SC:RPG

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Inititive Tracking in SC:RPG

There is another post regarding the way initiative is handled in SC:RPG. For my 2 cents, I like the strategic and storytelling possibilities the inititive system in the rules provides. I am going to leave that discussion to the other thread. 

However, I sent the e-mail below to GtG as a suggestion for a product they might offer to help track initiative during the game. I think this is especially important in that the inititive order is disconnected from the scene tracker, which is the only visual the GM/players have on the progress of the scene. 


I was running a SC:RPG session this past weekend, and a player provided me with a invaluable resource during the game:

These help to make it visually easy to verify what heroes/villains/environment groups have gone, and which are still to act. The labeling on the cards somewhat fits the game (Big Bad, Minions, flunkies, etc) but I think that it would be great if there was a product we could purchase that can be customized specifically for SC:RPG games.

The GMs kit is going to include laminated villain/minion/environment cards, and I was thinking a similar sets of cards (purchasable separately) for tracking the initiative. That way GMs and players would be able to fill the cards out for each session using dry erase markers. As an example of distribution:

6-8 Hero cards

1-2 NPC Cards

1-2 Civilian Cards

1-2 Big Bad Villain

3-4 Lt cards (split between villain/environment?)

6-8 Minion Cards (split between villain/environment?)

1 Environment Card

I would be first in line to buy this product, and I think other backers would find them incredibly useful. 

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When I played a demo of the first Starter Kit scenario at Gen Con several years ago the guy running the session (Dave Chalker, i.e. one of the SCRPG developers) used these exact cards for tracking. Having versions that could be written on could be neat, though.

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My Table top players we use Index cards to represent the various players. I have each player create a new Index card for tracking there turn, or keep the ones from previous games. Gives it a bit more personal touch.


Also, for minions and villians, for ease on me, I just do all them when they choose the enviroments. Makes turns go a bit faster for our groups, and easier to track when dealing with, oh let's says, 22 robot minions in issue 1 :D

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I had some foam sheet leftover from a project, and made two-sided counters for the purpose of "who's gone"...  I am using them currently for Star Trek, but they will be used next time I run SCRPG... I used roughly 1.5mm thick foam sheet, spray glue, and then after bond, cut to 15x15mm squares... I use a large one to indicate which color is "I've gone this turn"...