Firestorm splitting + Entwined Power

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Firestorm splitting + Entwined Power

This came up in a two player - I was playing Spread of Rampant Green, my friend was playing Heart of the Wildfire. I happened to get Entwined Power, which worked out great, letting my teammate use Firestorm to spread damage all over my lands (that had blight).

I realized after the game might not be technically legal given how the two effects are worded - could I get an official ruling either way?


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It sounds okay to me - Entwined Power lets you and the target spirit use each other's Presence to determine Range for your Power usage - if you're using it on Wildfire, they'll then be able, when using Firestorm, to target any land which contains both Blight and at least one Presence belonging to either of you. At least, that would work for the first two tiers of Firestorm - if you're activating the third one then it has to target Wildfire's lands (Entwined Power only messes with the "Range" part of a Power, not the actual text telling you what it does). That's how I interpret it, anyway - same as if Shadow uses Mantle of Dread on themselves, they can't use their "pay Energy to target a land with Dahan" thing for the Pushing part of the Power, because Mantle of Dread's Range box targets a spirit, not a land type.

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That interpretation is correct--here's theFAQ entry:!.3y28auq