Fan Villain: Anbet, The False Angel

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Fan Villain: Anbet, The False Angel

The following is my attempt at making a villain, after looking through the ones from the Starter Kit, Urban Infestation, and Stolen Legacy. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Blinding light and complete silence. The light that would cleanse this space of all evil. That was the authority of an angel, even in their final moments.

To purge the world of evil.

Certainly, there were strange moments when she would meditate and find strange memories, depicting her without armor or wings, living a human life. Oppressed by the crime and corruption of where that other her had lived. How her heart burned with rage. And now, her strength exhausted, her own authority burned her away the same as all of the evil.

Was she not pure? She must be pure. An angel could not be impure.

Purity. She must bring purity. Without a body, she would form a body to cleanse the world again. A body formed not of flesh but of her anger. Her sorrow. Her grief.

Grief. Grief. Anger, rage, grief, sorrow, grief.



Wrapped in a cocoon of dimension twisting light, an angelic form slowly consistutes itself, human features dissolving as what passed for a mind is replaced with independent purpose. Can the heroes prevent the rampage of this corrupted entity?


Health: 45

- Green: 45-36 : d6

- Yellow: 35-17 : d8

- Red: 16-1 : d10

Powers:             Qualities:

Suggestion d8    Leadership d8

Flight: d6            Close Combat d10

Radiant: d10      Ranged Combat d10

Awareness: d8   False Angel d8


Martial Law: Attack using Suggestion. Reduce all the target's quality dice by one size until your next turn.

Settle The Wreckage: Attack using Ranged Combat. Hinder all heroes using your Max die.

Divine Fortitude: Reduce damage taken by 2 in the Green Zone, 3 in the Yellow, and 4 in the Red.

Blaze of Divinity: Attack using Radiant. If you are in the green zone, use your Max die. If you are in the yellow zone, use your Max+Min dice. If you are in the Red Zone, use Max+Min against one target and Mid against another.

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe

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