Fan Made Idea: Reality Marbles (WIP)

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Fan Made Idea: Reality Marbles (WIP)

So, I'm totally taking this idea from Type-Moon, but I find it interesting enough that I'm going to try anyway.

Red Zone Ability(Mental Quality):

Invoke Reality Marble: Overcome using <Mental Quality>. You cannot use any bonuses from other heroes on this roll. The following table determines what die your Reality Marble will use.

Effect Die   | Reality Marble Die

<=0            |             d4

0<die<=3   |             d6

3<die<=7   |             d8

7<die<=11 |             d10

11<die       |             d12

While your Reality Marble lasts, you gain the following benefits:

- Whenever the scene tracker would be advanced by 1 or a minor twist would be invoked either: Take any basic action using your Reality Marbles die in place of your Status die and advance the scene tracker by 1 or reduce your Reality Marble's die by one size.

- Whenever you <Attack, Defend, Boost, Hinder, Overcome> using your Status Die, roll the Reality Marble's die as a Boost for that action.

- Select two Red Zone Abilities you don't already have when you pick this ability that you could select normally. You may only use those abilities while within your Reality Marble.

If your Reality Marble's die is at a d4 and would be reduced a size, or the Scene Tracker runs out, or you would be incapacitated, your Reality Marble collapses.  If you being incapacitated would cause your Reality Marble to collapse, you are at 1 hp instead. When your Reality Marble collapses, take a Major Twist.

You can only use this ability once per issue.


If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'm welcome to suggestions.

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