"Explosion" in the lab: Video Game Revelation

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"Explosion" in the lab: Video Game Revelation

I was quite disappointed to find I have been nerfing Miss Information. Acording to the Video game the correct interpretation of the <"Explosion" in the lab> card is to consider your character card as a card in play. Yes that makes quite a difference for her difficulty. I used to be able to tolerate keeping the card in play. Now I guess I will need to pick a hero as the designated explosion killer and just assume one player will frequently discard their entire hand to get rid of the blamed card.

Prior to this itteration of the video game did other people similarly interpret it as non-character cards in play?

I guess with the character card being a card that is active and useable by default I didn't consider "in play" or "out of play" as being a status that is even relevant. Considering a character card is never played I am dubios that it is by default in "play". Still I was happy to learn Dawn counted as a Citizen in play for flipping so what goes around comes around. What makes Dawn weaker makes Aminia stronger.

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It also comes up when playing with The Sentinels, since they have a bunch of characters cards.

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I did previously not consider the character card to be a card "in play", but then when the Sentinels came along it emerged that character cards count as cards in play. Which does actually make sense - after all, it's called a "hero character card" and all heroes are also targets - all targets are cards and all targets with hp must be "in play", otherwise they couldn't "leave play" when they run out of hp (which matters for cards that may get played on them which do away "when the target leaves play"). So it does make sense, it's just probably not the kind of thing you would think about until it came up and you went "Wait, what? Oh, actually, yeah, okay..." :).

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