Episode 132 of the Letters Page: Writers' Room: Disparation Vol. 2, Issue #74

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Episode 132 of the Letters Page: Writers' Room: Disparation Vol. 2, Issue #74

Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and laminate their women! - Guise, Prime Wardens #31

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If Inversiverse Bastet is from Peyton City, does that mean the current SCRPG campaign is taking place in the Inversiverse? :O The thought of an evil version of Bespoke absolutely terrifies me.

Of course, it's also got me thinking things like canon-verse UltraViolent is actually a svelte woman named Ultraviolet. And Peyton City is like, Haydon City or something, known coloquially as Hatin' City.

Just remember, any time you slam two universes together, it makes the characters into roided-up hatebags who are that much closer to full molecular dissociation.

Oh yeah, and I guess evil Ra is neat, too. :V

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Nah, Peyton City NE is boring "fly over country" so it would look the same in good world and evil world 

I bet Earth One Cleo is the owner of the cat cafe that got destroyed in Episode 1 

I will say again i belive "Duat" would be a proper name for the now helish world/plane/dimension the Egyptian divinities are from

They forgot that Thoth also has a baboon head avatar, people always forget the baboon head.  Also about the cover idea with the ibis headed shadow haven't they looked at the heiroglypjics? Egyptian gods always look left or right the never look straight ahead 

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