Energized Ordinance

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Energized Ordinance

This Tech card has 1W and says "when you install this Tech, this ship gains 1W". So then why doesn't it just have a 2W in the corner and do away with the text? I'm sure there's a nuance here I'm missing. 

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The 'extra' weapon doesn't go on the tech, it's placed on the ship so the tech can be scrapped quicker when taking damage.

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To expand on it a bit more, it is very good for cards like Basileios' Elaborate Munitions. Since Energized Ordinance adds a Weaponry directly to the ship, it will remain there after being returned to hand. Then it can be replayed at the next Install Tech Event, which will once again provide the +1 weaponry! Having just 2 weaponry in the corner will remove fun combos similar to it. Grey Hammer also enjoys the tech, as it is something that gives him a bonus, even if he decides to scrap it with Explosive Repurpsing.