Dying mid card play.

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Dying mid card play.

If a card you play deals you damage and that damage reduces you to 0 or fewer hp, do you finish the text on the card or are you instantly incapacitated? For instance, if you are absolute zero and you play modular realignment "Select 1 Equipment card from your trash and put it either into your hand or into play. Absolute Zero deals himself 1 Fire Damage and 1 Cold Damage." at 1 hp, when you take the one fire damage, do you finish the card and regain an hp from the cold damage, assuming you have the Null-Point Calibration Unit out, or would you be incapacitated?

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You take the damage, you are now at 0 or less HP, and you flip your character card.   If your hero becomes incapitated any remaining card text is not done.  

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Unless, of course, Fixed Point is out, in which case you're fine as long as you're above 0hp when it goes away ;).

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