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Defend Question

If you take the Defend action, does it count against a) the first Attack made against you after you Defend or b) every Attack until the start of your next turn? 

I've been assuming a) is correct since the rules say that Defend takes effect "when you would next lose Health." However, a player complained that this means 10 Minions could immediately drop any Hero, since the Defend would only count against the first attack and do nothing against the other 9. 

I figure the solution to this is "so don't have 10 Minions focus fire on a Hero," but I thought I would check and make sure my interpretation is the right one. 

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'Defend' reduces the ammount of damage taken until your next action.

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Phantom5613 wrote:

'Defend' reduces the ammount of damage taken until your next action.


Are you sure?  The book says pretty clearly that it applies to the NEXT time you would take damage.  The statement about it lasting until your next turn is only there to let you know that it expires by the beginning of your next turn.

Still, I hope you're right - because I think it makes Defend more useful when it persists. Plus, it's more comic-book-ish because often a Speedster or agile character is capable of avoiding most damage throughout an entire scene.  (But I don't think that's the actual rule here.)

I think it would work nicely if you kept track of your Defend result and then used it up as you took damage. So, if you roll a 7 effect, you could dodge your first 7 points of damage until the next turn.

Just my opinion though.