Character Cameo spotlight: The Villain Wrangler!

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Character Cameo spotlight: The Villain Wrangler!

Of tumblr fame originally, I believe!  This take on him was most heavily inspired by, though of course the concept has been interpreted many times.

Daniel Johnson, AKA "The Villain Wrangler"

Background: Struggling

Power Source: Tech Upgrades (from his villain friends, mostly)

Archetype: Wild Card

Personality: Nurturing (d6/d6/d12)

Powers: Presence d8, Gadgets d8, Intuition d8, Deduction d6

Qualities: Persuasion d10, Conviction d8, Criminal Underworld Info d8, Banter d6, Fitness d6, The Devil's Conscience d8

Principle of the Underworld, Principle of Compassion

Green Abilities: For the Kids! (Boost using Presence, Each die becomes a different bonus, one of which must be assigned to an enemy), Determined (After rolling for the turn, may lose 1 health to reroll), Hope This Works (Unknown Results using Presence).

Yellow Abilities: Hunker Down (Boost yourself using Gadgets.  Then either remove a penalty on yourself or Recover with Min), Bounce Back (When Attacked, treat the amount of damage as a Boost), Who's the Good Guys? (Change any bonus into a penalty or vice versa)

Red Abilities: Guilt Trip (Hinder using Persuasion.  Use your Max+Min.  Boost yourself or an ally with your Mid), Hell or High Water (Overcome using Conviction.  Use your Max+Min.  Hinder all nearby foes using your Mid), Everybody Stop! (Remove all bonuses and penalties from the scene.  Once per scene.)

Out: Boost an ally by rolling your single Persuasion die.