Attacking and Hindering in one action Question

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Attacking and Hindering in one action Question

If this has been addressed already, sorry.

When using an ability that allows you to both Attack and Hinder, such as Tachyon's Hypersonic Assault, against Minions or Lieutenants that get a Save, do you apply the Hinder against the Save? Or apply the Attack and then leave the Minion Hindered for later actions? Is it up to the GM situationally based on the description of the Hinder and Attack? Or would you always go by the order they are listed in the Ability (so Hypersonic Assault would be Attack THEN Hinder, but Quick Insight would be Hinder/Boost THEN Attack)?

Obviously I know I can do it however I want as GM but I'm wondering if there is a default stance per the rules (or common consensus on interpreting the rules thus far).

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I think no.  Like the card game, you tend to revolve things in the order written.  Attack (resolve attack) then hinder.  There are a few abilities that break this rule, but they are explicitly called out.