A question or two about Form Chnager

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A question or two about Form Chnager

One of my players has built a form changer as a new hero.  (thanks to Pike Industry's Stirling safety records)

this has led to a couple of questions.

1/ Uncaged has a green power already before taking form changer. Is this lost while in one of the 3 forms? As an add on do they also keep yellow and red abilities?

2/ while I'm inclined to allow it personally, if Uncaged transforms into a bird presumably shape change allows them to fly, just not well? What do people think?

3/ is there any harm to allowing powers and qualities being swapped around, I know the description says powers, but they have the stealth quality and a Hippo form, the player makes excellent argument that Hippo's are not nessarily well known for stealth.


thanks for your thoughts


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1.  Yes, as long as they didn't drop that power associated with the Green ability in a particular form it's available to them 

2.  For that bird form you'd have to drop a power and pick up Flight using the die of what you dropped.  Assuming they didn't have Flight as a power already.

3.  I personally don't see an issue with it but the idea seems to be limited to powers in the archetype 

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Qualities are skills and knowledge, not inherent capabilities.  In hippo form they'd still know how to be stealthy, but their poor Agility power would make it tougher.  Unless they're underwater... and if you've ever seen hippos in real life, they should be very good at a Swimming + Stealth check!

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If in X-Men comics, cartoons, and movies a 20ft tall killer robot can sneak up on someone I don't see why a hippo can't

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Thanks all :)

food for thought there