An episode about America’s Newest Legacy!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:17:20

(Sorry about this one being 12 hours late – we ran into a technical issue this morning and had to do a bunch of extra work today to get this one up. Thanks for bearing with us, everyone!)

We begin with the history of Pauline Parsons in Sentinel Comics, starting with her first appearance in the ’50s! We go on from there through the rest of her appearances, and how her story – and the story of the Legacy line – change across the decades of publication history.

Even given all that, we are treading Legacy stories you’re at least somewhat familiar with, for the most part, so it’s only a bit after the 23 minute mark that we get to your questions! And we start off with a “song”. Yeah. Let’s go with “song”.

A little after an hour into the podcast, we mention the five members of the team “Daybreak”. Here are those team members:

As we talk about around the one hour and thirteen minute mark, earlier today was the first ever episode of Sentinel Comics LIVE! It went great, and we had a decent pile of folks show up to watch! (Here’s the videos saved by Twitch. They got broken into part 1, part 2, and the bulk of it in part 3 for some reason. We’ll be uploading the whole thing to our YouTube account in high quality at some point soon.) Join us next Tuesday at 1 PM Central.

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