A world where the heroes are villains and the villains are heroes! Wacky! But then, these foes don’t look so much “wacky” as they do “actually really evil”…

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:40:37

We get right into it, which is good, because we have a lot to cover today!

In the 3rd minute of the podcast, Adam claims that by 1988, the movie The Land Before Time had been released some time ago. Turns out, it was actually released November 18, 1988. So, pretty close!

Then, we get into the Disparation stories set in the Inverse Universe.

Around fifteen minutes in, we introduce the team of ne’er-do-wells pictured above. Villainous!

Just before the 44 minute mark, we start talking about how the Inverted Universe starts talking about how these stories in issues of Disparation change the future of Disparation books!

Then, right after the 47 minute mark, we get into your questions!

In the future section, starting around the 1 hour and 32 minute mark, we talk about not just the future of Disparation, but the future of the Letters Page, as well! This even includes an interesting SPOILER. The Inverted Universe changes so much!

As mentioned at the end of the episode, we’re recording the Sunrise episode this Thursday, so get your questions in by then. Additionally, we’re recording Editor’s Note #18 on Friday morning (which will be a live recording for our Patreon supporters at the Contributor level), and then recording the first episode for June later that day. The topic for that episode is “Superpower Sources”.

So, the Sunrise episode will be released next Tuesday, which is May 29th; Editor’s Note #18 will be released Thursday, May 31st; and the Superpower Sources episode will be released Tuesday, June 5th.

Get your questions in!