We’re back to the very beginning! Revisiting the Legacy story from our very first episode.

(This art is the pencils Adam did in 2010 for Legacy which were then scanned in and inked and colored to make Legacy’s first character card art! Adam will probably hate that I used this art, but it’s good to see your roots.)

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:28:45

We start off by talking about the weirdness that is this coming Thursday’s Extrasode. 

Then, just before 6 minutes in, we finally get into the history of Sentinel Comics portion of the episode that takes up the bulk of the overview.

After all that, around 36 minutes in, we get to your questions!

Right off the bat, 40 minutes in, we get a question about where the heck do Legacy’s powers come from. AND WE ANSWER IT. FULLY AND HONESTLY. SURPRISE.

At the hour and 21 minutes mark, we get to the future section.

This was a fun one for us to return to. Thanks for listening!