Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:11:01

At the start of the show, we talk a bit of shop about possibilities for new formats of episodes. At the time of recording, the votes weren’t in yet for next month’s episodes, but there are now! So:

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, August 6th: No Episode (Because Gen Con!)
  • Tuesday, August 13th: Gen Con Live 2019!
  • Tuesday, August 20th: Editor’s Note #33
  • Tuesday, August 27th: Episode #118 – All About SCRPG

And here’s our recording schedule!

Around the 7 minute mark, we start in on your questions on so many topics, such as:

  • Multiple OblivAeon-related questions!
  • Void Guard
  • Magic
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • And that’s not all!

Thanks to all of you listeners, to our Patreon supporters, and to our families, who never believed we could make any of this a thing but we did it anyway. Hah!