It’s the first ever Editor’s Note! This is where we fill in the corners and answer any lingering questions.

Run Time: 49:15

Upcoming Schedule:

  • October 3rd: Fanatic
  • October 10th: Apostate
  • October 17th: The Scholar
  • October 24th: Guise
  • October 26th: Editor’s Note #11
  • October 31st: Wager Master

Topics of today’s Editor’s Note:

  • Haka
  • La Comodora
  • Slaughterhouse Six
  • Ambuscade
  • Chrono-Ranger
  • Writhe
  • The Idealist
  • La Capitan

With the posting of this Editor’s Note, you have under 24 hours to get in your Fanatic questions! Not to worry, though, we already have well over a hundred Fanatic questions received so far…