We here are Greater Than Games know that many of you have all sorts of great idea for you own heroes, villains, and environments. We want to give all of you character-inventors a chance to join in on an expansion with the Greater Than Games team!

Baron Blade demands Villains!

We are in the early production stages of a Time Travel/Alternate Reality based expansion, and we are putting out a casting call for Villains! We only have space for one more villain (the rest are all ready to go!), so there can only be one winner, but the chosen entry will be given the Greater Than Games treatment; you will work with the Greater Than Games team on your character, and then that villain will be published in our next expansion!

We will begin taking submissions on September 3rd, at which point we will release a full write-up and the details of what winning will entail on this website. Please, hold on your your ideas for now! Start crafting your nefarious masterminds, your time-jumping evil-doers, your unhinged assassins, and be ready to submit them at the beginning of September. We will be accepting submissions for at least a week or two, so you have plenty of time.

Now get out there are save that Multiverse! Hurry – more villains are coming…