Wrath of the Cosmos Hero: Captain Cosmic!

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It's Thursday! Time to actually get into the contents of the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion!

First off, I'd like to introduce you all to one of the exciting heroes from this expansion...


Hugh Lowsley and his older brother Nigel Lowsley have had rather straight-forward lives. Growing up in their home city of Huntingdon, the two both had interest in law and justice. Nigel followed the way of justice and became a Constable, while Hugh was more interested in law and became a Barrister. They did their jobs, led their lives, and once in a while would spend a night stargazing together - one of their favorite hobbies from their childhood.

One such night, they saw a brilliant line of purple energy score the night sky. At first the brothers were elated to get to see such a breathtaking event, but they quickly became concerned as the purple energy seemed to turn and grow increasingly large. In a matter of seconds, the hillside shook as the energy blasted into the ground less than a kilometer from where the Lowsley brothers were watching.

Hugh and Nigel quickly made their way to the crash site, still in shock from the recent impact. In a massive crater, they found a glowing purple crystal, roughly half a meter long. As the two approached it, energy arced from the fragment to the two men, bringing both of them to their knees. For the Lowsley brothers, the world turned black.

When Hugh came to, he was unsure as to how much time had passed. He was lying on the edge of the crater, but neither the purple crystal nor his brother Nigel were anywhere to be found. Assuming his brother had made his way home, Hugh did the same and slept for another dozen hours. When he awoke this time, he was not in his bed. He was a meter above it, lying on a translucent golden plank of energy. Unsurprisingly, this came as something of a shock to Hugh, and with that slight bit of panic, the golden energy dissipated, and he fell to his bed with a whump.

Over the coming weeks, Hugh searched for his brother, but Nigel had disappeared. No one had heard from him at work, and his home was untouched. Hugh devoted the bulk of his time to finding his brother, but to no avail. In that time, he also learned that he could summon and control “constructs” made of gold energy. His limitations were mostly his imagination, though his constructs could be damaged and destroyed, having roughly the strength and resilience of ballistic glass. He was not certain as to what had happened or what it meant, but he know that, somehow, he had gained power from that purple crystal, and now, he had a responsibility to use that power.

As Captain Cosmic, Hugh was able to join forces with other mighty heroes to protect the earth. He was even the first hero to aid the Argent Adept in the first confrontation with Akash’Bhuta, making Captain Cosmic the second member of the Prime Wardens. However, even while fighting alongside mighty heroes and standing between innocent people and assured destruction, he is ever searching for his lost brother, hoping to find some clue as to his disappearance.


So, what do you want to see next? The other hero? One of the four villains? An environment? Let me know in the comments!


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A villain next please

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Agreed - Villain! There are more of them, after all. wink

Preferably CC'S nemesis

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One of the villains! There's a specific one I'd love to see the details about but it's hard to make specific requests without violating playtester confidentiality, huh?

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Villain next, please.

Definitely a villian since we know nothing about any of them so far (at least us non-playtesters).  

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I wanna see me some Skyscraper!

...and also the villains, and the environment, and really whatever else you want to show us. Once again, everything you guys do is amazing, and I (and the rest of the fans) are so grateful you guys are sharing these brilliant ideas with us.

While any reveals would be nice, I am interested in the other hero.

I'm not interested in any of that, just tell us what happened to Nigel next.

Im curious if there could be an environment that could possibly be cooler than the Omnitrpn IV promo deck.

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I'd like to see a villain.


Preferably one that also goes "Whump!"

"Villain" is such a judgemental word. Often, it is a matter of perspective whether it should be applied, such as in the case of Voss's crusade to end all war, or Proletariat's unpopular but heart felt political convictions.


An Adversary, please.

Definitely a new villain.  How about the guy wearing the thor looking armor who was last seen kicking the backside off of the naturalist?

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Wow! The possibilities of what could have happened to Nigel seem infinite! Or maybe we'll find out what happened to him soon enough?

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i want the next hero


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There's an environment I'd really like to see.

Villian please


I know I will be in the vast minority but environment please!



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A villain would be quite nice thanks

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Seeing as I am the Plague Rat, my choice is obvious. Villians!

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I reckon Nigel is the man with the green constructs in the Preview of the Cosmos thread. But that would be much too obvious

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Yes! More Kirby bubbles, I am appeased.