Wrapping up the [Game Mechanic]: the [Game Mechanic] Game contest!

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A month ago today, I announced this game design contest. Over the last month, I've gotten over EIGHTY entries! Wow! There are a lot of great aspiring game designers out there!

At midnight tonight, the contest closes - no more submissions! Chris Kirkman and Peter C. Hayward and I are eager to go through all of the submissions and see the great games you've all come up with. 

Also, by noon today (Central time), I will have responded to each and every e-mail entry I received, so if you don't have a response from me, something weird happened and I did not get your entry. Please, resend it to me at christopher@greaterthangames.com. Any entries I receive after noon today I will respond to within 4 hours.

Time to go respond to e-mails and read about all the games!


Great contest! Any ballpark idea of when the winner(s) will be announced?