What is this?

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I found this in my email this morning, from an undisclosed email address. I wonder what it could mean. Any ideas?


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Guise is really Santa Claus?!?!?!?

A new Christmas Promo perhaps?

Fingers crossed for a big red sack of VILLAINS!!!!

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That would be my actual guess too that this an indicator of VotM being ready by Christmas.   

Guise's Part Time Job, Santa Claus at the Maill.

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Oooh, oooh, I know!

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Knowing Guise's personality, probbaly just a trick. A ruse, a gambit, a scheme.

Means nothing, just playing with our emotions. 

Or maybe my sad mood is affecting my posts?

Clearly he's co-opted Santa's infiltration powers to become a better superhero.

With the ability to access any building or secure location with a christmas tree, Guise will have almost unlimited access this season

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And I know Guise would be on our side.

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My bet is, that we are getting copies of villains of the Multiverse a lot sooner then expected. As well as promos that are all things Guise related. New promo for Sentinels that wasn't announced but a way to day thank you to all the supporters and fans as well as a promo for Sentinel Tactics that can be purchased in stores. Finally a Guise primo for Monster Truck Madness, one where he riding an old Chevy Impala with monster truck wheels with a once per turn per player ability that allows him to mimic a power of his choice. Of course we won't find out about this until Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

That's the best Santa ever, that's what it means.

Hopefully signs of sentinels related Christmas gifts... Hopefully villians or a new promo!

as long as this means we may be getting the stuff before everyone starts traveling for the holidays that is fine. Especially since mail delievery time is about to get crazy due to the holidays

Dang! If this doesn't come before the 18th my work will shut down and I won't get it!

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On the plus side: it probably means that there is a Holiday Promotion or Pre-Order delivery on the way

On the other plus side: The Mistletoe isn't on his belt

Whatever it means, I'm wondering do I need my wallet?

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Sooooo want to know!!! What does Santa Guise have for us?!

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I like an occasional tease but I would have expected some new information by now.