What a month!

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Wow. January was just full of stuff. And things are still happening!

Villains of the Multiverse

First of all, we finished sending out Villains of the Multiverse preorders! It's really great to see people talking about the games they've played and the new things they've discovered. The only dark cloud over this is the folks in the EU who have not yet received their packages, due to circumstances entirely out of our hands. We're really hoping for a quick resolution to this.

Villains of the Multiverse, Chokepoint, the Celestial Tribunal, and Oversized Villain Cards are now available on our web store.

The TC Petty III Experience Kickstarter

The TC Petty III Experience Kickstarter is still running! There are two really great games you get on this project, and TC took the time to answer a whole load of questions in the comments yesterday. It's entertaining as well as informative! Club Zen and Don't Get Eated are two games that we'd really love to see get made, so go check it out today!

The End of the Multiverse!

Last week, there was a huge rush of activity on our forums as people struggled to solve a mystery. It all started with the mysterious appearance of a playtester's name in the rulebook: Tim Cosing. He was listed several times! Who was this person? Well, that was just the entrance to the rabbit hole, and things got weirder from there. If you'd like to follow the adventures, take a look at this thread. Throughout the puzzle, it was apparent that something bigger was happening. Comic book covers were appearing. Story was being uncovered. This all culminated in the reveal of OblivAeon! OblivAeon will be the final chapter in Sentinels of the Multiverse. We're very excited to be launching the Kickstarter for that on February 9th, and you won't be disappointed. A new expansion, a storage box for everthing, and more!

So, as you can see, January really had a lot going on. We think February is going to top it!


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You really think February is going to top last month? Wow! We'll hold you to that! :)